Memory manager for
Yaesu FT-817 and ND


817-Mem is memory manager for FT-817 rigs. Use this program only with FT-817, other rigs like FT857, FT-897 use different memory map.

For the FT-817ND, 817-Mem is in beta test all seems ok but it can have bad data recorded in the memories.

I need help, in 817-Mem use Ctrl+Alt+B command and send me values with the exact model of your rig (see below).

Values of differents equipements:
Model Origin IARU Serial Number Values
FT-817 French Reg. 1 1H39 ... 01 02 00 04 67 DD BF DD BF
FT-817 Spain Reg. 1 2J56 ... 01 02 00 04 67 DD BF DD BF
FT-817ND Japanese Reg. 3 (hardcoded ???) 4N95 ... 00 F2 09 08 57 D8 BF D8 BF
FT-817ND England Reg. 1 ??? 01 02 09 08 58 CC BF CC BF
FT-817ND Finland Reg. 1 4N95 ... 01 02 09 08 58 CC BF CC BF
FT-817ND Canada Reg. 2 4N95 ... 01 02 27 11 77 CE BF CE BF
FT-817ND U.S.A. Reg. 2 4N95 ... 01 02 27 11 77 D8 BF D8 BF
FT-817ND Australia Reg. 3 2F07 ... 01 02 37 19 27 DD BF DD BF
FT-817ND Belgium Reg. 1 ??? 01 02 44 19 67 D8 BF D8 BF
FT-817ND French Reg. 1 ??? 01 02 25 11 55 D8 BF D8 BF

You can use 817-Mem to create, change, reorganize and remove memories. You can also save in different files your favorite frequencies.

To connect 817-Mem to your rig you need a CAT interface CT-62 compatible. Default baudrate is 4800 bds.
It is not necessary to use high baudrate, file transfer won't be faster.
The read and write operation are very low, this is due to eeprom technology.

File is stored in CVS format. Use a spread sheet to edit or modify files '*.csv' if you want.
You must use same format to load in 817-Mem.

Rx Mode and Tx Mode are stored as text: LSB, USB, CW, CWR, AM, FM, DIG, PKT

Repeater as: Simplex, Minus, Plus, Split

Tone mode as: Off, Tone (TX), Tone + Tone Squelch, DCS

StepFM as: 5 KHz, 6.25 KHz, 10 KHz, 12.5 KHz, 15 KHz, 20 KHz, 25 KHz, 50 KHz

StepAM as: 2.5 KHz, 5 KHz, 9 KHz, 10 KHz, 12.5 KHz, 25 KHz

StepSSB as: 1 KHz, 2.5 KHz, 5 KHz

Example of file:

1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,3580150,0,DIG,Simplex,Off,"12.5 KHz","5 KHz","2.5 KHz"," 67.0",023,"PSK 80"
2,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,7035150,0,DIG,Simplex,Off,"12.5 KHz","5 KHz","2.5 KHz"," 67.0",023,"PSK 40"
35,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,14070150,0,DIG,Simplex,Off,"12.5 KHz","5 KHz","2.5 KHz"," 67.0",023,"PSK 20"


  • Before connecting any software radio to your rig, it is highly recommended to save the factory calibration settings.
  • For this, turn the radio off.
  • Press and hold the three A, B, C buttons and press the PWR button.
  • To change to a different Menu item turn the small SEL knob.
  • Write all 76 values and keep your notes.


  • 05/15/2004 First public release.
  • 01/23/2005 Add a menu for change regional settings (same as softjump).
  • 04/21/2005 command Ctrl+Alt+B send the radio configuration bytes.
  • 06/09/2009 Fixed CTCSS and various changes to improve the speed.

For reference, the first four characters of the serial number on my '817 are: 1H39

File Date Size Description
Setup.exe 09/06/2009 546 Ko 817-Mem Installer V1.0.2.0 09/06/2009 359 Ko 817-Mem Binaries V1.0.2.0

General aspect of program

Panel for changing regional settings